We timely install and maintain

Industrial Food and Beverage Lines

up to their optimum thruput


On-site Services

Complete Line Installation

From the opening of the crates all the way to installing, testing and turnkey delivery.

Repairing or replacing new components

Whenever a new component or a specific replacement is needed, we deliver timely services.

Routine & Extraordinary Maintenance.

We take care of executing planned maintenance programs as well as special, urgent repair/inspection missions.

Back Office Services.

Our Back Office Services are not confined to provide support for any need, by phone or email: a core function of this department is also to skillfully plan and organize teams in order to deliver what is needed according to your needs and timing.

A Field Service Planning Manager, with an advanced software and team, see to it that the proper Technical Units are established in terms of number of  Technicians and skills and coordinate all logistics accordingly.



The InTech company was born in 1994 with the aim of providing a high quality and precision service.

We work with a 360° spectrum in the sector of the development of machines for the processing, start-up, mechanical and electrical testing, and also for the direct assistance for all the bottling lines.

We work at the Customers’ factories and employ mechanical and electronic multi-skilled technicians.

It is on electronic controlled machines and computerized lines that InTech has specialized over the years, by developing the best experience, maximizing the functionality of customer’s lines and fulfilling their requirements.



Year Established




Logistics and back office Staff


Nations where we have been operating

Our Men at Work...



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