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A few words about Nicola Fontanesi

In one of our recent articles about the logistics of our technicians, we made a comparison, asking to imagine to have some 160 musicians all spread in various countries and having several concerts booked, scheduled at exact dates, taking place all in different locations and countries. The mission of logistics is to make sure the concerts are duly held, with no musician missing, thus visas obtained in due time, flights scheduled properly, in many cases car rentals and hotel reservations done.

But let’s go a step back to all this activity. Suppose to have several concerts booked, one requiring a string of four, a brass of 2, one percussion, the other just two pianos, another a full orchestra with strings, woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians… Who’s gonna pick up the musicians and decide their “assignments”?

Introducing Nicola Fontanesi, our Field Service Engineer Planner.

At first glance, this may seem an easy task: you just look at a project, see how many specialists you need, each with specific skills, you go thru the profile list, pick up the ones matching the requirements and voilà, you got a team named, pass it to logistics so that your orchestra will be ready on time at the requested location. Sure, but…there’s more to it.

First, Nicola has to ensure the activity of technicians is optimized, I.e., “idle time” is reduced to a minimum, all being busy somewhere; but then, it is not uncommon to have a team having to extend the time at a client’s premises for whatever reason, or to have a technician having to leave prematurely and thus a replacement becomes urgently needed.

Also, InTech does not just execute “lump sum” projects (a complete installation request) that are managed by a Project Manager who determines skills and number of technicians needed, costs involved, consequent quotation and handing over to Nicola all the data necessary for him to “design “ the team; Nicola also acts as Corporate Account, getting direct requests for maintenance jobs or specific support on a project managed by major Client’s own Planners and needing from InTech specific technicians to work within a larger team.

There are a series of variables that need to be handled in harmony, like requested skills, technician availability, timing, unforeseen situations, and emergencies.

Here again, our strong point is to deliver the most satisfactory answer to our client's needs and wants and, useless to say, the over 20 years experience of Nicola is put at a test on a daily basis.

Together with swift analytical skills, the ability to bear pressure and a high sense of responsibility go hand in hand.

For sure, Nicola’s hobbies, like running marathons or playing golf help him release some pressure and to successfully and consistently ensure top-notch service.

Keep up the good work, Nicola!

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