The InTech company was founded in 1994 with the aim of providing a 360 degrees service, of high quality and precision, in the field of machinery development for the process phase, testing for all bottling lines, start ups, mechanical and electrical tests and direct assistance at the Customer’s plants with multi-skill mechanical and electronic technicians.

It is on the electronically controlled machines and on the computerized lines that InTech has been specializing in the last few years, developing maximum experience, optimizing the functionality of the lines of its customers, thus fully responding to their needs.

Since its inception, InTech engineers have worked on the creation of software for the automation of the marble industry and the development of administrative and management software for Local Health Authority and pharmacies.

Today, we are able to create programs in languages ​​such as, PLC, Siemens, Allen-Bradley. Starting from 2017, we will have an internal office dedicated to the mechanical and electrical design of the production lines.


Sin dall’esordio, i tecnici InTech hanno lavorato alla creazione di software per l’automazione del settore marmifero e allo sviluppo di software di fascia amministrativa e gestionale.

Oggi, siamo in grado di creare programmi in linguaggi quali PLC, Siemens, Allen-Bradley. Dal 2017, abbiamo un ufficio interno dedicato alla progettazione meccanica ed elettrica degli impianti.

Marketing and Accounting Offices

We are in:

Romania (Maramureş), Tunisia (Hammamet), Czech Republic (Plzeň), Italy (Lucca), Canary Islands (Puerto de la Cruz), Ethiopia (Addis Ababa)

In our offices there are secretaries and representatives who deal with local contacts to whom we provide commercial services, such as the sale of spare parts, maintenance services and upgrades of existing plants.