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What they say about us.

Dear Y,

Thank you very much for your daily reports and the good job performed on the shopfloor to ramp-up that line.


I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been to have Danut Pericleanu & Carmelo Villari working at our Facility.  I realize we still have work to do to get our new system up and running (Which we are excited for by the way!!!), but I just wanted to mention the great work Danut & Carmello have done assembling our new equipment.  Amazing the work that they have accomplished in one week’s time, as they are again hard at it today finishing up the final assembly before completing the electrical work.

They both are incredibly hard working, gracious and kind as they are great representatives of R Bardi.  You should feel very comfortable knowing these two gentlemen who are representing R Bardi across the world are just “Doing it the Right Way!” I have copied several Leaders within the Packard Culligan Team as we approach working with our customers the same way your company does, always make a point to take care of their needs.

We are all very anxious to get the system ready to process as we are all very excited to have your assigned Technician who does programing and start-up training arriving this week to ensure our new system is working at optimum level.  As someone who takes making sure customers are satisfied very seriously, I can certainly appreciate the professionalism your installation team has showed in the early stages of our system implementation.

The only thing with our Production Manager and I need to figure out is finding the “Right Espresso!” for your team.  Lol!...

Thanks again for your Partnership and I just wanted you and the rest of the R Bardi Team know our Team has really appreciated the work your two technicians have done so far as they just want to make sure the install of the new equipment is successful...

Kindest Regards



The Performance Acceptance Test final CAV of 120h, has been passed with success and a short punch-list.

Thank you very much to everyone for the job did during this project, and especially the job did on site with good support to manage each topics quickly !

Thank you and let’s do the same on the line 6 😊


Dear Team! 

Very well done!!!!! Thank you for the great job! 

Now let’s go for Line 6, and more! 

Kind Regards



Hi B.,

really amazing result…….. congrats to you and to all FSEs involved !


Congratulation B. and all the team on site for this great achievement despite all the difficulties faced on site starting from the reediness of the plant, technical issues, customer and covid situation.

A. C.


Dear team on-site,  

it fast progress. Good job done thank you for the report.

Best regards


Dear Bogdan and Team,

Super job and my Congratulations to your success!!!

Very best regards,





Not easy but made it!!! 

Best wishes,


Congratulations B. for the great achievement, special thanks also to the team on site part of this long journey for the dedication and all the effort done to reach the final goal.

Without forget the great job done by our Senior PME dealing with one the most difficult customer in our hands.

I am proud of all of you!

Thanks and Best regards,



Dear, major thanks addressed to the team, great job done!

As well thanks to the team which was super supportive at all times!

Wish you all the best, and hope to work together soon!

Best regards


Congratulations B. and all the team on site for this great achievement despite all the difficulties faced on site starting from the reediness of the plant, technical issues, customer and covid situation.

A. C.

Dear All,

A very warm congratulations on achieving this milestone, it was a difficult journey but we made it working as a team!

A very special thanks to B. as the site installation manager great job, and please pass on my congratulations to the whole team on site.

Let's enjoy the moment but do not lose sight of the remaining milestones to be achieved, to make this project very successful.

Enjoy! I wish I could have been there to join you all.

Best regards

S. D.


Good evening Y.,

Thanks a lot for all that you have done and for your support I know your stay here was short but it meant too much for us, your short stay here helped us too much to push the work forward to success sure with the support it was nice meeting you and working with you.  

Thank you  

Best Regards

Dear J./L./E./C.,

We are managing interventions for more than 100 FSEs during the last quarter of 2021. This is a Great Achievement for Intech Group.

Let me just thank you for your amazing support and dedication to our work.

It is a pleasure to work with you and I would be lost without your effort.

Thank you



Dear all, 

I want to take the opportunity to sincerely thank each one of you for your incredible work, it is easy to see the dedication and determination that you put into what you do and the patience that you have for all of us (I have to admit that too hehe). 

May the successes keep coming and thanks again for all the effort and support, you guys rock!  



Dear all,

Things sooner or later arrive.

Thank you for your efforts, sincere congratulations on your hard-earned success and I wish today's success is the beginning of a bright future.

Just work well and always believe in it.

Words cannot express how proud we are of you! Congratulations.



Dear colleagues,

I want to thank each one of you for the hard work and the quality of work delivered on-site respecting the deadlines and for maintaining a professional aspect on-site in front of the customer. I am forwarding to all of you the greeting from the customer.

Thank you and see you on other projects.


Dear Giorgio,

Thank you for your efforts it is much appreciated.

Many Thanks!


Dear Giorgio, Nicola 

Thank you for the additional effort outside the scope of the original mission.

Once again, thank you for accommodating the customer's request and maintaining a good relationship with the customer.

Dear Y., 

It was nice meeting you and thank you for the work you have done.

All the best for future projects.

S. C.


Dear B., 

Congratulation to all team for achieving this difficult milestone in a challenging situation.

Thanks to all,


Congratulations to everyone, it's a shame that the pandemic invited itself to the party but the work is done and rewarded by this certification.

Be proud of your work


Good Morning B.

I hope you are fine, and at Home

I want to thank you for this report and for the work done in Hawassa plant.

Many thanks



Dear B,

Many thanks for the amazing job done. It was a very challenging project, and as usual, you managed to do a perfect job in terms of reporting, problem-solving, collaborating with the team on-site, and coordinating with the customer.

Fortunately, the projects in our departments are becoming more and more challenging, so I am sure we will be working together soon 😊

Thanks and best regards



Dear A., 

First I would like to thank all InTech team for their remarkable support and drive toward the success of the project. I can name Messrs. M.S., A.D.G: and C.R.



Dear B.,

Many thanks for the amazing job done. It was a very challenging project, and as usual, you managed to do a perfect job in terms of reporting, problem-solving, collaborating with the team on-site and coordinating with the customer.

Fortunately, the projects in our departments are becoming more and more challenging, so I am sure we will be working together soon 😊

Thanks and best regards


Hello M.,

Considering that R.C. has been staying in Delice for almost 2 months, and taking into account the risks of being stuck in Tunisia due to Covid-19, R.C. will terminate his work in Delice later this week in order to return to Italy.

R.C. did an excellent job, considering the conditions of the construction site and having to deal with a very difficult customer. The result of his work is excellent.


Dears N., M., A.,

On behalf of AOA management, I would like to thank you and all Intech team for your exceptional pro-activity dealing with the current difficult restrictions, enabling business continuity with minimal disruption. Both on Heineken SA and here on Pepsi Egypt.

Thanks a lot,


Good morning,

I wanted to thank you for the availability and professionalism shown today during the visit of the Libyan client.

The visit went well, the customer was able to see the machine turn at 48,000 BPH (nominal speed), saw the handling of the bottle, emergency stop, etc ...

The environment has been cleaned, tidied up, and cordoned off. You have been responsive to our end customer's requests.

We have received the thanks from them and it is our duty to pass them on to you as my colleagues internally.

Kindly send the thanks to all the InTech technicians who were on "my" machine and whose names I don't know ... thanks again.



Hello guys,

First, I would like to wish you all a happy new year and give you my best wishes for 2020 and this new decade ahead of us. For those celebrating Xmas, I hope you enjoyed quality time with your loved ones and are supercharged for 2020 

Second, I’d like to thank you for the great job done at NBB before the holidays. I wanted to join you to celebrate the end of the installation but due to personal reasons, I couldn’t travel on W51. Nonetheless, I’m pretty sure you guys have worked as Intech usually does so I have no concerns about the quality of the job performed. 

I know it wasn’t easy due to the fact customer didn’t give us enough qualified resources but you still managed to complete the job so we can proceed with the PWO when we go back to the site. This was our main objective.

I hope we will be able to continue with the same team once the customer is ready with his utilities, if not, once again, thanks for your hard job and all the best for 2020.

I don’t have B. and I. emails, if somebody could forward them my email, I would be grateful.

Best regards,



First of all, I would like to thank you for your efforts and contribution to the project with your exemplary performance.

The SOPs filled and submitted and the very detailed JSR is exemplary.

I would have preferred that you stay on board of this very important project and support us till its satisfactory completion, however, this hasn’t been possible.

I thank you once more for your efforts and contribution to the project and look forward to being able to work with you on future projects.


Congratulations. Hard work paid off & most importantly time & cost remained controlled.


Hi Guys,
Well done on this very challenging project. Your perseverance paid off with excellent results. Thanks to all.


Well done to all involved in this great achievement.

Please pass our thanks and congratulations to the team.


Happy new year!
Sorry for the delay, I was back yesterday from my vacation.
Thank you for the files and thank you, especially, for your professionalism and continuous support.



Thank you for the final reports and thank you for your valuable support and professionalism throughout all the project phases. Really appreciated.


It won't be a surprise for you, but it's always good to have a feedback from your customers too.

Excellent work done by Bogdan in Nova.

Very active and enterprising, always with clear ideas but open to evaluating different solutions that can be convenient for the customer and Sidel.

Excellent reports, good team management, and good communication with the Project Manager.

The 6 days that I was in the building site allowed me to make a complete assessment of his professionalism and character.

The only thing I pointed out to him, in my opinion, can sometimes be too direct when he talks to the customer and maybe some customers can feel uncomfortable (maybe cultural).

However, he managed to build a good relationship with the new Egyptian Plant Manager, which was not easy at all.

Thank you in the name of Sidel and I hope to work with him again in the future.


Dear, Very good report.


The customer highly appreciated our ISM, Elbio. They in fact commented that if they are in talking terms with Sidel, it is because of ISM. It was assured that if customer will consider them for their future expansion plan that they would try to ensure Elbio to be their ISM.


thank you for the great work you are doing.



... Just settling in back in Parma and I had to take a moment again to congratulate you and the team on great work!

Karim talked with me by phone about how you and Eduard followed the performance to the end ...and with great result.

For sure, later this week, we will follow up on some of our ideas to share with the customer “Now that you have excellent line performance, HOW TO SUSTAIN it”. In this way, we can really differentiate ourselves as an exceptional OEM for Refresco.

... but that is for later.... today you should enjoy with a big smile the results of your hard and good work! Grazie Mille.

Excellent, congratulations to you and team for the job well done.


Excellent job,
Congratulations to you and the team. Thanks

Congratulations for this very important achievement you got in Moha
I really appreciate the great job done, sometimes in very difficult conditions You have all my consideration for this
Thanks a lot


Fantastic performance on both lines at Al Marai.

A big thank you and congratulations to all the team deployed at the customer all along with the project.
From day 1 we knew it would be a very challenging project for Sidel and God knows how much it has been.

Special mention to V. and E. for their dedication and patience facing such a difficult and demanding customer.

I believe we have now a very good reference with Al Marai which will open future opportunities for Sidel.

The next step is now to get corresponding CAV certificates signed by the customer and close all remaining open OQ and PQ points.

Thanks again to all the team at the site and in the back office.


Good morning and,

... I have not yet gone to the construction site to see the changes made, but what I see on the photos suits me.

I thank you for the work done by InTech and your team during the installation, and the latter "finishing" that were necessary to complete the work.


Dear Team,

I am writing you to inform you that last week we completed our intervention in the Al Marai plant. A very small punch list was raised 😊 

I just wanted to highlight the huge efforts and contributions done by Bogdan to complete this job successfully. This project was very challenging and complex. In fact, it is one of the biggest projects dealt in services department for the past years. And I guess there is no need to mention that Al Marai is one of the hardest customers in our region. We managed to come up with successful result due to the hard work of all the team especially Bogdan. I believe that not any ISM would have been able to complete this job under these same circumstances with this customer.

The ISM really impressed me by the quality of reports, the teamwork (around 13 technicians on-site), the proactive behavior, the coordination with the customer and the high commitment to the job.

I will definitely be more than happy to work with him on my next projects. Thanks, and best regards.

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